Weekly Newsletter: Week of March 25

28 March, 2013


What goes with lamb and ham? Wine, of course, said Sam I Am! All joking aside, Easter is a joyous holiday that is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. As most holiday celebrations tend to do, Easter revolves around great food, prepared in mass quantities with lots of love. If there is ever a time to treat yourself and your loved ones to a special bottle of wine, holiday gatherings are it. With that idea in mind, we have some recommendations that are a step above your everyday drinks and will pair wonderfully with your chosen main dish.
If you are serving lamb, we recommend a Syrah (other known alias, Shiraz) or blends with a Syrah base. A Syrah is perfect with lamb because it is a big enough red to hold up to, but not over power the meat. Our choice is from Charles Smith in Washington- K Vintners Syrah for $34.99. For a blend- Orin Swift’s Prisoner is always a great choice at $36.99.
If you are having ham, we recommend Riesling and/or Pinot Noir. Both wines are light with a fruity sweetness to perfectly compliment a glazed ham. Our choices are Leitz- Riesling from Germany at $19.99 or Meiomi- Pinot Noir from California and the makers of Caymus for $18.99.
Come see us for all of your Easter wines! Regardless of what you are serving, we always have a recommendation!
Calendar of Events
Saturday, March 30- Pig Meat Papa will be cooking up lightly smoked kielbasa with spicy Asian noodles and green onion kimchi! We will also be having live music by Andy Saum from 6-8pm!
New Beer Bell’s- Oberon Anderson Valley- Summer Solstice Ommegang- Game of Thrones Iron Throne Hoppin Frog- Turbo Shandy Ballast Point- Dorado Double IPA We also have more Sneaky Pete!
New Wine Chocolate Box- GSM blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre)- 2009- Australia- $17.99 Chocolate Box- Cabernet Sauvignon- 2009- Australia- $17.99 Mason Cellars- Sauvignon Blanc- 2012- California- $17.99 Tommasi- Le Rosse- Pinot Grigio- 2011- Italy- $16.99 Steltzner- Claret- 2010- California- $18.99 Back in stock after being recent tasting sell-outs are Justin Cabernet, Shotfire Shiraz and Troublemaker!
Tasting Info We have great wines for our Good Friday tasting! In fact, this tasting rivals our best! All of our wines would be great additions to your Easter holiday table too. We will be sampling a domestic white blend with a bit of sweetness, our go-to, crowd-pleasing holiday wine and a new red blend. To top off the greatness, we also have a bottle of Australian Shiraz from Mollydooker that usually sells for $50 that is marked down to $39 and that we are pouring in our $10 tasting! Crazy, we know!
This week’s beer tasting is our attempt to be done with winter and move on to spring. We will have a Belgian bomber and then wrestle with the “Tasmanian devil” to ward off “cabin fever” and the “Alpha Dog.”
As always, for the complete list of selections, please click here.
Dan’s Pick This week Dan chose a new Spanish value wine. Condesa De Leganza Crianza usually retails for $14.99 but is marked down to $9.99 a bottle. This wine is dark red in color with notes of stewed fruits, coconut, cinnamon and plum liqueur with a hint of pepper. It has an initial explosion of flavor that progresses into a long and enjoyable finish. It is aged for 12 months in oak barrels to develop soft tannins. Come grab a bottle of this great Crianza before both cases are gone.
Feature Item This week’s feature item is more of a trendy group… flavored Moscato! These sweet wines have been all the rage of late, especially on flight nights! Currently in stock we have strawberry, passion fruit, mango and peach. We even have personal-sized bottles! If you are looking for something sweet, sparkly and fun- try these! They are also perfect holiday hostess gifts and bridal shower favors!
We have covered the main dish portion of your meal and the hostess gift, but we can’t forget the other main food group of Easter- chocolate! If you are looking for a nice after dinner sip to accompany your sweet fix- port and chocolate is a classic combination! We have port in every price range- so come get a bottle for the perfect holiday ending!
Happy Easter!

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