Weekly Newsletter: Week of June 17

20 June, 2013


Would you like some cheese with that wine?

No, we’re not complaining…We recently re-stocked our gourmet cheese cooler (located between our store checkouts) and would be happy to help you pair your wine choices with our newest selections. Here are the new items with some suggested wine pairings.

Parmigiano Reggiano- The acidity & carbonation of sparkling wines would contrast nicely with the richness of our imported Italian parm.

Maytag Blue Cheese- A sweet Riesling or Port would give a nice balance to the saltiness and cling to the creamy flavor of blue cheese.

Smoked Cheddar- Fruity reds such as Zinfandel and Merlot would contrast the smoke & strong flavors of our Apple Wood Smoked Cheddar.

Aged White Cheddar- A full-bodied wine- whether red (Cabernet or Bordeaux) or white (Pinot Gris or Grigio) would help balance the bite and strong flavors of the Black Diamond Aged White Cheddar.

Additionally, here are some simple and generally accepted rules for wine and cheese pairings:
* Wine and cheese from the same geographical regions pair well together.
* Try for contrasting OR complimentary flavors- not both
* Hard cheeses pair best with bigger tannins while creamy cheeses handle acidic wines better.

Calendar of Events
Saturday, July 13- Christmas In July! You know what this means… Great Lakes and other Christmas Ales on tap! Mark your calendars now!!

New Wine
La Rioja Alta- Vina Alberdi- Rioja- Spain- 2006-$19.99
Lagar de Cerrera- Albarino- Spain- 2011- $19.99
Royal- Live Like Royalty- Moscato- France- NV- $9.99
Friends- Red Blend- California- 2011- $10.99
Michel- Schlumberger- Faux Pas- Red Blend- California- 2010- $19.99
Michel- Schlumberger- La Nue- Chardonnay- California- 2011- $17.99
Michel- Schlumberger- La Cime- Cabernet- California- 2010- $23.99
Centerline- Highflyer- Cabernet- California- 2009- $19.99

New Beer
Revolution- Dos Osos
Lagunitas- Lucky 13

Tasting Info
This week’s wine tasting is an all domestic affair. We will be sampling 2 blends from California and 2 wines from Thief in Washington.  

This week’s beer tasting features all new-to-us brews. We will be sampling 3 bombers (2 from White Birch and Mother of Exiles from Revolution) and the summer seasonal from Uinta. Be one of the first to try these!

As always, for the complete list, please click here.

Feature Item
19 Crimes- Red Blend- Australia- 2012- $10.99

19 Crimes is a red blend from southern Australia. It is deep red in color with aromas of licorice and vanilla and flavors of ripe dark fruits that combine with chalky tannins for a long finish. The winery’s website describes it as a memorable wine with loads of personality. The name, 19 Crimes, is in reference to the British colonial rule of Australia as a penal colony for exiled criminals. There were 19 crimes including larceny, impersonating an Egyptian, tomb raiding and clandestine marriage that were punishable by “transportation.”  Each bottle features the portrait & story of a criminal exiled into servitude on the island. Please don’t steal a bottle (it’s only $10.99) or you’ll be on the next bottle!

Dan’s Pick
Dan’s pick this week is his new favorite Pinot Grigio. All he has to say is that it is better than any other Pinot Grigio… Alto Adige- Valle Isarco- Pinot Grigio- Italy- 2011- $19.99

He also touts the 19 Crimes (our feature item) as a lighter style red that is not too serious, fruity & fun!

Final Thoughts
Summer is a great time to host an outdoor wine and cheese party- let us do the work and you take all the credit and reap the benefits! Stop in today for all of your wine, cheese, gourmet meat, adult beverage and party needs!


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