Weekly Newsletter February 21st

26 February, 2013


Tick, Tock, Bid, Bid, Please & Thank you!
Don’t miss your chance to bid on the Argyle Fire Prints! The auction will close Friday, February 22 at 7:00pm and winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Once again, we implore to you support our local efforts of showcasing a local artist’s pieces depicting an event of local (albeit not too distant) history with proceeds benefitting a local charity! Come on, what’s better than some charitable giving with a glass of great wine or beer in your hand!?! Sign up to win your favorite piece then be here to keep an eye on the bids and take your print home!

Calendar of Events
Friday, February 22- 7:00 Argyle Print Auction closes & winners announced!

Saturday, March 2- 5-8pm- Uinta Brewing Kickoff Tasting! Join us to try this new to Ohio brew! The simplistic labels are incredibly intriguing- come see and taste for yourself! We will have food and beverage specials too!

Tuesday, March 19- Italian Wine Tasting- 6-8pm. We will taste 8 different wines from Antinori Estates for $25 per person. This is a reservation only event and seating is limited to 20 people. Please call 419-424-0391 to reserve your seat! Stay tuned for more information/details.

New Wine
Beringer- Merlot- 2010- California- $19.99
Ghost Pines- Merlot- 2009- California- $17.99
Hugel- Gentil- 2010- France- $12.99
Trimbach- Riesling- 2009- France- $19.99
Trimbach- Gewurztraminer- 2009- France- $23.99
Il Bruciato- Blend (60% Cabernet, 30% Merlot, 10% Syrah)- 2010- Italy- $30.99
Los Vascos- Cabernet Sauvignon- 2009- Chile- $16.99
Horse Heaven Hills- NxNW- Riesling- 2010-Washington- $12.99
Humble Bee Vineyard- Mead- (Chocolate Strawberry, Orange Strawberry & Apple Harvest)- Ohio- $15.99
Orin Swift’s Saldo and D66 have also returned!

New Beer
Woodchuck Hard Cider- Private Reserve Barrel Select
Southern Star- Bombshell Blonde
Stone- Levitation Ale
Dogfish Head- 75 Minute IPA- we have more!

Tasting Info
After prompting by customers last week, we are trying something new with our Friday night tastings. We will be featuring two value wines and two $20 bottles each week. This week’s values come from McManis Vineyard- Viognier and Petite Syrah. The $20 bottles are from Acustic Celler in Spain- red & white blends. Let us know what you think of the new ideas and wines!

This week’s beer tasting is just “a little crazy.” We will taste 3 ales- a can from Revolution, a pale ale, a brown ale and also a pre-Prohibition style lager from Coors. Come get “a little crazy” with us!

As always for the complete list, please click here.

Feature Item
This week’s feature items are two new wines from Acrobat, King Estates in Oregon- the Pinot Gris and Rose of Pinot Noir- both $12.99 a bottle. The 2011 Pinot Gris is crisp with a hint of sweetness. It is straw colored with aromas of citrus fruits and honeysuckle leading to fresh fruit flavors of honeydew, green apple and a hint of spice. This would pair wonderfully with seafood, light pastas or on its own as a “porch sitter.” The 2011 Rose of Pinot Noir is unlike any Rose you have tried. It has a crisp acidity, aroma of lime zest, red fruit flavors and a lingering apple finish. This wine would pair best with mild fish, light appetizers or tapas. Come try these two refreshing wines that are sure to refresh your mood!

Dan’s Pick
While he apologizes for being a “Francophile,” Dan’s pick again this week is a Rhone red blend from France- Bastide de Beauvert. This is a 2010 vintage, 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah. It is described as a table wine or everyday drink and priced accordingly at $9.99 a bottle. Dan insists that anytime he can get a great vintage of a great Rhone at a great price, he will do it. It is just that good- too good to pass up!

We look forward to seeing everyone Friday night! We are keeping our fingers crossed for an “all in the name of good fun & charity” bidding war! Thank you again for supporting us and buying local!


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