Week of November 9th 2009

09 November, 2009


Wine Tastings for Friday, November 13th

  • Robert Klingenfus Pinot Blanc, 2007 (France)
  • Winfels-Herding St. Laurent Rose, 2006 (Germany)
  • Ventisquero Reserve Pinot Noir, 2008 (Chile)
  • Chateau Sainte Eulalie Minervois, 2007 (France) / Chateau Don Jon Minervois, 2006 (France)

Beer Tastings for Saturday, November 14th

Megan’s Choice Take Two:  The Big Bottle Series

(In my absence, Megan will choose four 22 oz. bombers to feature for the evening.  Sure to be a great tasting!)

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