Week of May 19th 2008

19 May, 2008


Wine Tastings for Friday, May 23rd

“Old World, New.  Old World, New.”

  • Prendo Pinot Grigio, 2006 (Italy)
  • Sherwood Estate Savignon Blanc, 2007 (New Zealand)
  • Domaine la Montagnette Cotes-du-Rhone, 2004 (France)
  • Clos LaChance Zinfandel, 2005 (California)


Beer Tastings for Saturday, May 24th

“After this tasting, my beer soul is back…”

-patrick, beer manager for the findlay wine merchant

  • Magic Hat Circus Boy
  • Magic Hat Number 9 / Magic Hat H.I.P.A.
  • Magic Hat Hocus Pocus / Magic Hat Odd Notion
  • Dixie Jazz
  • Dixie Lager
  • Dixie Blackened Voodoo

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